Colorful Autumn

Colorful Autumn

Hello my fellow Oiran friends.

I really feel like I always write about the weather, but I can’t resist!
The Japanese scenery is absolutely stunning and the change thru out the seasons is really some of the most beautiful things you can experience.
Even though autumn is the start line for the cold it is also a time for viewing the trees change colors.

Every time coming here I pass by Kenninji temple, and the other day I went inside for the first time.
Inside there is this really beautiful garden with a lot of trees changing colors to red, yellow and orange.
Not only was it beautiful to watch, it also game a lot of new energy. If it wouldn’t have been for the cold I could really have lost myself in to all the beauty.

So now after I have started to cope with the cold, filled up with new energy I’m really looking forward see to what this winter has to bring.
And as per usual I will be waiting for all of you to join me in this amazing world and atmosphere that we have created here at Oiran photot studio Miyabi.
I know that all of has an inner Oiran that is longing to burst out in to its full bloom.
Out of all the things to do in Kyoto, this is really a memorable experience for everyone to participate in.

I and the other staff members are eagerly waiting for your arrival.
Much love from all of us at Oiran photo studio Miyabi