Favorite people in the world!

Hello my favorite people in the whole world!
I have missed you, how are you doing?

Like I’ve written before, I love being creative and make things with my hands.
And since I’m also a hair and makeup artist I feel thrilled to tell you all that as of now before you go home we have a new option.
We call it “after set”, which means that when we have the time we can make you a braided hairstyles for you.

I really am truly exited about this.
Because doing braids is one of my biggest interests. I’ve practiced doing braids since I was very little and have always tried to be creative and make many different varieties.
Only my imagination is my enemy.

Working here in the middle of the Gion is a really great inspiration source.
With a lot of kimono rental places around almost every woman walking the streets have really beautiful hair sets that I learn a lot from, just by looking at them.