Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Sara here again, welcome to Studio MiyaBi and year 2019.

Can you believe it is already 2019?
It feels like 2018 just started. I hope you all had a great Christmas and a fantastic new years.

Mine was great. For the first time since I came to Japan 5 years ago I ate traditional Japanese new years food, osetchi.
It really was delicious, and I can highly recommend to try it for the next new years season.

It really feels like I had a lot of first time things going on during this new years.
Not only did I eat osetchi, I also visited Kyoto’s country side by the sea.
I spent almost a whole day by the sea. It was so peaceful walking a long the beach, listening to the sound of the waves and collecting seashells.
It really didn’t matter that is was some hard winds and really cold. Just being there and enjoy the calmness was for me a really great start on this year.
To get away from the big city stress and all the people is a great re-lode, and I now have a lot of new energy that I can use to great and treat you all in absolutely best way possible.

Even though I love being away on a break like that, there is nothing better than being home in your own bed and back at work and fill your life with routines and things to do.
I honestly love this Miyabi family. All of the staff members are so great and among the best people I’ve had the pleasure to meet here in Japan.
With this I wish the staff and all of you the best of wishes and a really great 2019.

I hope I will see you soon here at Oiran experience studio Miyabi
Love from Sara