Jens here too!

Jens here too!

Hi everyone!
I`m Jens taking photos here at Miyabi today!
We had a calm typhoon day yesterday with lots of rain and rain. Today the weather has cleared up soo beautifully!
Here in Gion, Higashiyama the weather is wonderful, sun is shining and temperatures are about 26c.
Today is a great day to come by here to the studio for a photo shoot.

I had a walk during lunch earlier and took my chance to enjoy the weather a bit too. 🙂

Here is a lone girl in traditional kimono taking photos in front of Yasaka Pagoda.
Our studio is just around the corner from here.

I also took my chance of grabbing a selfie in front of the Kukuri saru talismans at Yasaka Koshindo.

If you haven`t been to Arare or Miyabi studio yet.
You should check out our homepage and insta for some grat shots from all our photographers working hard!

Jens Madsen,
Photographer & Graphic designer,
Oiran Studio Miyabi & Oiran Studio Arare
Kyoto, Japan