Love from us all to you all

Hello rainy Kyoto!

Sara here, I hope you all have great day despite the rain, I know I have. Why you might ask?
I am here at my favorite place, Oiran Miyabi. (花魁studio雅)
I love that the summer is here now and that the rainy days are decreasing. Even though I love the Japanese summer it can be really tough with the summer heat. I guess you could say I have a love-hate relationship to the summer heat.
We must all remember to drink a lot of water.

During a rainy day like this, or during a really hot day  it is a great opportunity to come here to studio Miyabi and take some beautiful photos in our Oiran Photo studio.
It is not far from the Gion center (about 10~15 minutes walk) and there are buses that easily takes you here from Kyoto station.

I really do love to help all of you express your hidden beauty in an elegant and sexy Oiran style. It is so much fun to see the transformation from your original self into this beautiful Oiran girl.
To see the happiness in everyone’s face when the hair and makeup is done is indescribable.

And I can not stress enough how lovely  all the staff working here is. Always with a smile we do everything we can to please you in the best possible way we can. If you do come here, which I hope you do, you should never hesitate to express your feelings no matter what they are.
You are the most important person during our day. When it comes to it, you are the who has to be satisfied whit the result.
It is our pleasure to serve you.

I hope you all have a great day and that me and my co-workers will have the pleasure to see you all in a near future.
Much love from all of us here at Studio Miyabi. (花魁studio雅)