See you soon

Hello. Me, Sara, again!

I hope you are all great in this summer heat.
I will go back to Sweden for 2 weeks start at the 31st. It is going to be great to meet with my family and friends again, and also to celebrate my marriage. We had a wedding here in Japan earlier this year and we will have a second ceremony in Sweden as well.
My mother has promised to bake the wedding cake.
I really can’t wait to eat my mothers cooking and my fathers BBQ. I also long to see all the beautiful places all around my home town.

I’m off course going to miss Studio Miyabi while I’m gone, so if you want my service you have today, tomorrow and the 29th to get here. Otherwise you’re gonna have to wait until I get back to Japan.

Me and all the other staff are waiting for you to come and enjoy being our center of attention.
Everyone is welcome. No age limit and no gender limit.
Today we have 2 cross-dressing reservations, I’m really looking forward for them to come here.
This is just a proof that Oiran is for everyone!
So you really shouldn’t feel afraid of coming here. We will all take really good care of you.

A while ago I had my own Oiran experience and to try it out is really something that I recommend.
Right now the cameraman is sitting next to me retouching my photos.
It is going to be a great thing to bring back as a souvenir for my family.

Much love from me to all of you ♥