Sooon so soon! 2019!!

Sooon so soon! 2019!!

Hi ladies, gentlemen and kids!
We have had an amazing year here at Miyabi in Gion, Kyoto!
Me myself will enjoy the New Year with my family and friends!
For some of you, you might enjoy the count down over at the Kiyamachi or maybe even in Tokyo, outside Japan anywhere in the world!
Doesn`t matter where you celebrate your new year, just make sure to make it the best of the best.

Most people here in Kyoto and Japan do usually celebrate the new year with with their family.
Enjoying traditional new year foods, games and even the famous TV show we got every year here in Japan.

Before settling down in the new year, come by for some cool New Year photos here at oiran Miyabi!
We take the coolest, sexiest, most beautiful photos you can find still in a traditional and very Japanese atmosphere.
Your photos will definitely stick out among all the new year cards that your friends send you 😉

Choose between room Ryuka or Kochou.
Ryuka is our room famous for the dragon art we got on the wall, a cool and mysterious atmosphere.
Kochou is our weeping sakura beauty full of butterflies and got a warm, cozy refreshing atmosphere.

All plans got 20% off the base price **UNTIL the last day of this month** so it is cheaper than ever now to get your photos taken,
be our model, be your own model, get the photos you want!

I’m your photographer and retoucher here at Oiran Miyabi and Arare,
Jens Madsen
I hope to see you before the new year arrives!