Welcome back Sara

Welcome back Sara

Sara says: TADAIMAAAAAA (I am home!)

2 weeks of travelling in Europe was great, I got to meat all my family and friends again.
The best thing that append in Sweden was my own wedding.
We had the ceremony in the old church in my childhood area, followed by a garden party at my parents house.
The Swedish summer really is beautiful and lovely when the sun is shining. But even on the most sunny day the weather can be quite mischievous.
In the middle of the dinner, out if nowhere a real thunderstorm with rain, thunder and hail. And then as sudden as it started it disappeared.
I have heard that a little rain in the wedding crown means luck!

After a lovely week in Sweden me and my husband went to the Netherlands.
Amsterdam as well as Stockholm in Sweden really is a beautiful city!
With all the lovely little canals it is really cozy and romantic to take a cruise and hear about all the amazing history.
What surprised me the most is all the Japanese art and Japanese inspired things that are spread out all over Amsterdam.
After reading up on some history it is not so veird as it first might sound.
Before and during Japans Edo period japan had closed borders. The only people who were allowed in was the “Dutchmen”, the Hollanders.
Therefore it comes to no surprise that artists like Rembrandt used Japanese paper to make his Etching Art.

So how have you all been doing this summer?
Did you do anything fun?
The latest event we’ve had here in Kyoto is an event called Obon.
Obon is a time to cherish the memory of our lost ones. Those who are only with us in our memory, those who we will meat again in heaven.
At August 16 the lit fires on the mountains around Kyoto to grant the passed souls a peaceful passage into their afterlife.
I’m a little sad that I missed it, because it really is a magical experience!

After a really eventful time away from Japan it felt really nice to come back to reality again.
But since I only started working in June I was a little afraid I should have forgotten how to do some of the hair styles here at Studio Miyabi.
I proved myself wrong the moment I stepped in our fantastic makeup room.
Not only did I rediscover my love for this place, but I also realized that 2 weeks of not putting up hair in a weird way made me better at it 😀

Time to get back to work now, and since I am back I really hope to see you all here soon.
Much love from me and all the other staff here at Oiran studio Miyabi